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                        To Feel the Presence of God

  "As a great wave rises from the deep to wash away the
scratches on the sand, come, O God, to dissolve forever in your
sea of peace my cares, my fears, my worries, and my anxieties.

   As the blessed blackness of a quiet night comes to blanket
from my sight the cluttered collection of billboards, buildings,
and power poles until my eyes see only bright stars, so come, O
God, and blot out this day's dreary and weary accumulations of
daily irritations, hurts, dents, and disappointments until I see
only your goodness shining in the shadows.

   As an explosion of happy sunshiine brings a joyful glow to
dark corners, so come, O God, and explode your bright joy into
the gloomy corners of my mind.

   As a great victorious general awakens his battalions with a
trumpet blast, and rallies his retreating army with renewing
power, so come, O Lord, and awaken me to "rise up, be done
with lesser things, to give heart, soul, mind, and strength to serve
the King of Kings."

   As the spring rain gently, patiently, irresistibly falls to soften
the hard crust of frozen ground until it can receive fruit-
producing seed, so, O God, may showers of your love soak in to
soften the cold corners of my heart, allowing creative new life
to break forth.  As a happy fountain leaps jubilantly and tumbles
joyfully, come, O Holy Spirit, to transform my melancholy
mood until my heart erupts in joy and happiness.

   O Father, make my life a melody like that of a great wave, a
calm night, a morning sun, a spring rain, a happy fountain!


With Permission From: Hours of POWER
My Daily Book of Motivation and Inspiration
Crystal Cathedral Ministry
Copyright 2004 by Robert H. Schuller Edited by Patricia S. Klein

Music selection:
Count your blessings instead of sheep -- Rosemary Clooney.
Unseen Blessings -- Sandy Kimmel.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow -- Studio Musicians.

This picture of Jesus was received from a friend via the Internet.