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Tune into God's Thoughts!
Thank You, Father, that my mind is designed to pick up Your thoughts and that
my heart has been created to welcome the feeling of love, Your Spirit within.
Thank You, Father, that I can in this time of prayer, have the freedom to reach
out and let the thoughts that are in me come out. Touch them, bless them, and
ordain them to become the seeds of better living. Grace, mercy, and God's
peace is with You now. 

Thank You, Lord, that You have called me to develop the potential and the
possibility that is built into every one of Your children and that includes me.
Release, O God, within me the attitude, "I can do it, with the help of God."
Let it begin with me now.

Jesus Christ, I want to thank You, that You have come to be my Savior, my
Lord, my Best Friend. Thank You for walking with me and talking with me.

Thank You for the joy we share as we walk in prayer. Father, whisper in my ear
to give me a dream for today, a dream that makes life wonderful and eternity exciting. 

With Permission
The Possibility Thinkers Bible (NKJV)
Eagles Club Edition
Prayers for Positive Faith
Copyright 1996, 1984 
by Robert H. Schuller and Paul David Dunn
A Puzzle that My
Mother Made winter 2006