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For Victory Over Fear Heavenly Father, you are the guard and guide of all who place their trust in you. Give us believing minds and trusting hearts. You know the cares that often beset us and torment us. You see the path that stretches out before us more clearly than our eyes can discern it. Forgive the anxieties that cloud our minds and consume our energies. In you and your promised word, may we rest and be strong. Save us, Father, from undue self concern from dark fears, from distrust in your care. Into your hand of love, we place our hands, and we face the future unafraid. So shall your peace, which passes all understanding, be our strength and joy. Then each passing day will bring new proof of your love and faithfulness. At this moment, we rise to discover your plan, and this we pray in the name of him who is the victory, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.