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                                                Batting all alone

Faith - we shall see - is sometimes a collective and sometimes a very private matter.
When a nation unites to defend its peace and freedom against an invading enemy, 
we see an illustration of collective faith. But when an institution delegates enormous 
decision-making powers to the chief executive officer, the decisions will become 
painfully private. The presidency of the United States has been described as the 
loneliest office for that very reason. The buck stops at his desk. He is up to bat. 
Alone! One man against the world. 

Faith, we soon discover, is a very private matter. Our most important decisions 
cannot be passed off to anyone else. Consider the basic decisions: 

(1) What am I going to do? What career will I pursue? In a free society, you, 
and you alone, must decide! Out in front of you are nine members of another 
team plus a stand full of spectators watching to see how you will perform! No 
state bureaucracy will select a profession for you! That's being in the batter's 
box alone! 

(2) Who will be my one essential friend? Whom shall I marry? Or shall I remain 
single? No government agency, no academic advisory council can make that 
decision for you. You are in the batter's box - alone! That calls for strong, private 

(3) What religious choice will I make? I can choose to believe in nothing or I can
 choose to believe in something.             Atheism or theism. 

It's your decision. You're up to bat. You can't avoid the moment. Sure, you can run 
scared, throw the bat to someone else in the dugout - avoid the choice - call yourself 
an agnostic. But then - face the consequences - you're out of the game! 

Choose faith: take a swing at it! Become a believer. 

After all - faith is the only positive option open to you. The other alternatives are 
negative!             And nothing positive ever follows negative decisions!

With permission from
Dr. Robert H. Schuller
from this book!

The Ultimate Sacrifice FOR US!