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 "If you have faith as large as  a grain of mustard seed you can
say to this mountain: move!    And it will move!   And
nothing will be impossible to you!"

Self confidence equals security What is the spirit of security but a deep belief in yourself? What is insecurity but a lack of faith in one's own ability? How do you give people a sense of security? By giving them a chance to build faith in themselves! Self-reliance and self-confidence are real security. When Communism collects people together and spares them from the possibility of poverty, is it really offering security? It is perhaps eliminating the fear of poverty and starvation, but the absence of fear is no proof of courage. Play-it-safe people may not be afraid. But this does not mean that they are brave. What would happen if they had to face danger? Suddenly they would discover that they lacked real courage. Communism offers a counterfeit security, for real security is self-confidence. The priceless gift of self-confidence can only be acquired when you suceed after being exposed to possible failure. Exposure to risk is the only route to real self- confidence. Self-confidence cannot be inherited. It must be earned by each individual, each generation, each new regime. And the only way to earn it is by taking a noble risk, and honorable chance, a glorified gamble. Self-confidence cannot be taught; it must be caught! And risk-running, chance-taking, is the only way to catch it. Mountain-moving faith succeeds in building self-confidence through chance-taking. Without self-confidence, faith will never muster and demonstrate mountain-moving power. -Author: Dr. Robert H. Schuller-

From "The Hour of Power" copyright (c) 2004 by Robert H. Schuller
Used with permission of the Crystal Cathedral