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 "If you have faith as large as  a grain of mustard seed you can
say to this mountain: move!    And it will move!   And
nothing will be impossible to you!"

Mountain Moving Faith There are many people who claim to live by faith but remain low achievers. We all know individuals who claim to exercise real faith yet they accomplish little or nothing. What's wrong? Frequently failure is the result of a too-shallow faith. I walk to the beach and I see people cautiously put- ting their toes in the edge of the ocean. They splash around ankle-deep, come back to lie down in the sun, and go home claiming they have been swimming. There are others who wade waist-deep in the water before they turn back to lie on the warm sand. Then there is the real venturer who moves steadily deeper until the water reaches his shoulders and he begins to swim. He has moved to the deeper level and can honestly claim that he has been swimming. Mountain moving-faith is not merely touching your toes in the water. Mountain-moving faith is faith that dares to step into deep water. -Author: Dr. Robert H. Schuller-

From "The Hour of Power" copyright (c) 2004 by Robert H. Schuller
Used with permission of the Crystal Cathedral