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I'm a Soul Man

Ah -- now that I might have your attention, by using the words from 
a late sixties era song, have you ever pondered the origin of your Soul 
as well as your being?

I recently had many thoughts, provoked by a sermon from Dr. Robert H. 
Schuller's "Hour of Power", about just who we are and how we can be so 
fearfully and wonderfully made.

His sermon addressed the fact that Christians believe that God is three 
persons.  God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit 
(sometimes referred to as a Ghost).  

While contemplating his words during and after his sermon.  I began to 
think about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made;
an image and likeness of God.

Then that must mean we too are three persons.

In examining my thoughts on this subject I have figured out my construction, 
I too am three beings.  

1. My body (and yours) is flesh, bone and hair.  Jesus' body was also made 
     up of the same components and He sacrificed his earthly body for our sins 
    by dying on the cross.  Thus one can conclude that our body is 
like that of Jesus and therefore of the earth
(ashes to ashes and dust to dust).

2. My mind (and yours) is unfathomable.  No one, at least to my knowledge, 
    has completely understood the human mind.  It is faster than any computer
    built, has more circuitry and in most cases more memory capacity.
    This said then what is it?  It is the experience part of my being.  
    The mind is my Holy Spirit it tells me what I should and should not do.  
    How I should and should not act and react.  Its main circuit is to the Father 
    and is thus more closely linked to the soul than the body.

3. My Soul (and yours) is the last, but not the least member, of the 
    "being equation". 
    What is it?  Where does it come from?  Why do we have one? 

    What is it?  It is a small part of the God being. 

    I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic faith.  I have drifted from 
    that Faith and am now a tele-member of the Crystal Cathedral church 
    of Garden Grove, California. The reason I'm a member is because I too 
    am a staunch believer in Positive Christianity and a truly loving and caring 
    God -- our Father.  I also want to follow the greatest possibility thinker 
    I listen for his guidance and direction.
    And like most souls, I don't always listen close enough -- and remain a sinner.

    As some of you may know or believe we are but "Souls" having an earthly 

    In my wandering faith, I have read and listened to the writings of Neale 
    Donald Walsch who wrote "Conversations with God" and several other books.  
    He said his writings were God inspired.  Once he awoke from troubled sleep 
    and was told to write down the conversation(s).  In his books he often 
    relates that the Soul is part of God and that we are all one.  I embrace that 
    thought wholeheartedly.  And at times even wonder whether this Soul has 
    been here before. My dreams don't always make sense they take place in 
    locations that I have never seen or visited in "this" earthly experience.

    Jesus said "Love one another as I have Loved you" and "I am in the Father 
    and the Father is in me"!  I believe that the Father is also in me -- my Soul 
    being.  Where does the Soul come from -- The Father.

    Why do we have one!  Because God wants us to learn about other souls and 
    all of His creation.  In so doing maybe, just maybe, we will get His point;
    He loves us and we should love each other and His creation. 
    AND -- become more like His number one Son through this experience.  
    One very tough assignment.  
    But all He asks is -- Please try..

In closing I am in hopes that I become a "Soul Man" and require less and less 
direction from the Holy Spirit.

Doing what God wants me to do and doing it intuitively will make my "Soul", 
and perhaps yours, even more at peace than it already is.

Praise God.


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