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CHIEF WORRIER THOUGHTS What does worry do for you? What it has done for me or should I say to me in the past (and at times present -- if I let it) is make me ill, unhappy and out of touch with life. Worry is not a four letter word its worse. If you allow worry to take control you will experience such things as back aches, stomach problems, anger, depression and a host of aches and pains that are undeciperable that cannot be diagnosed by any mortal physician. My belief is that worry is the root cause of many of our problems. Even to the extent that some people fall into the grip of. Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Debt. Worry also eats at your ability to cope with day by day life and stress. It has been shown that people who suffer a great deal from anxiety also are more prone to life threatening disease such as cancer, heart conditions and stroke. It is my contention that if you learn to confront worry with the tools that God provides you and a strong faith in his love for you, his children, then the battle can be won and peace will enter your life and surround you. The reason I developed this web site is with the hope that WE can help others avoid the debilitating worry experience. Help one another by using this site. "Consider the lilies of the field" -- Let go and Let God. Hopefully by becoming an Anonymous Worrier we all will be able to decrease the membership in Alcoholic Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.