Remember when you come to weep
At the place where my body sleeps,
I'm not lying beneath this stone;
I stand on the Rock of Jesus; I've gone home.

From plain old dust and common red clay
On the Rock of Jesus, I stand today!
And by his love, I've flown away!
I've gone home; I've gone home!

I'm not red clay 'neath a marker stone,
I'm a fine clay vessel in the Master's home!
From common red clay and dust and bone,
I've gone home; I've gone home.

With trials He pushed me higher,
Forging endurance in his cleansing fire,
From common red clay and dust and bone,
Reborn as porcelain, at last I'm home!

Death o' death where is your sting?
My Jesus has changed everything!
Unwrap Lazarus-set him free!
At last those words were said to me!

Master Potter, Rock of my soul,
Forged me in pain and made me whole!
You helped me stand upon your Rock,
You taught me how to rise and walk!
Just common red clay and dust and bone,
Transformed by Grace, I'm finally home!


Written by Chris Gubelman; Jan. 13, 1995
Gube's son Chris was a potter, painter and writer of poems.
Chris died on Nov. 9, 1995 from Cystic Fibrosis at age 43.

Gube lost his wife Ann in 2008, This music: Annie's Song!
Now Gube (2009), Ann and Chris are HOME together.

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