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A Mother’s Day letter for my mom
Grandpa Dewey Dear Mom, Many years have passed since God called for you to come to be with him, you are in a better place now, and that is God’s reward to you for the work and all the love you gave to everyone that came in contact with you while here on earth. I do miss the telephone calls, however; I can still talk with you whenever I want. I love you, God, he knows. Mom you, and all the other moms around the world who had little or no education, had to learn being a mom the hard way. “You worked at it.” That is why saying these four words are so special. “Mom I love you.” The word Mom, what it means to me, “Mom of Moms.” Mom, you were Mom to all of our friends, when they ask for your name you answered, “Mom”, “just mom to you” If we were sick, you were the Doctor and nurse, if we were lonely and needed someone to talk with, you were our friend and you listened. If we needed an extra ball player, you were right there ready to play. Mom, you were not only our mom, you were mom to all those who knew you. Mom, if our friends and neighbors were hungry or thirsty, you fed them and gave them something to drink. Mom, if our friends were tired, you gave them a place to rest. Mom this is what made you so special; “No one came into your home tired, thirsty or hungry.” When the time comes for you to meet St. Peter at those golden gates, He will ask for your name, your answer will be, Mom, “Just mom to you.” He will take you by the hand to the place that God has saved for you, just lean back in that overstuffed chair and enjoy those who you loved, nourished and helped over the years they are there for you. Your son, Dewey

Music: Your My Hero (Wind beneath my wings) --- Instrumental
      Mother --- Bing Crosby.