by: Gube

I don't know of any subject matter that is as involved as families, 
especially the American family. A happy family is like a baseball 
team, Mom  pitching, Dad catching, the kids fielding, and everyone
taking a turn at bat. That seems to be the way the movies would 
portray family life. In most instances that is a fallacy. Nowadays there 
are more model homes than there are model families.

Take just about any family that has children and you will find that just 
to keep peace within requires patience, love, understanding, and at 
least two television sets. Every one has heard the saying," A Family 
that prays together stays together." I think in these economic times it 
could be amended to read: " A family that prays together stay together 
and families that work together eat." Growing families have a way of 
outgrowing everything; especially their income as it takes a raft of 
money to keep the family afloat these days.

Raising a large family is rough, lots of sacrifices, trials and mistakes. 
One of life's major mistakes is being the last member in the family to
get the flu-after all the sympathy has run out. Then you have the 
problem of authority. There is just as much authority in today's families 
as in the past, only now the children exercise it. I used to see it way 
back when I still had the shoe store. Mom would bring in her little girl 
accompanied by Grandma. Mom had definite ideas as to what the 
child was to have and Grandma had her thoughts. The little girl also 
had hers. After a great deal of time spent the little girl would win out.
Mom would say, " I'll let you have what you want this time but next time 
I'll do the choosing." She was just blowing smoke as next time it would 
be the same thing all over. Grandma was unhappy because they didn't 
buy what she thought the girl ought to have, Mom was unhappy as she
didn't get her way, but the little girl was as happy as a possum in a 
tater patch or a bandit in a bank vault. It is no wonder I had a heart 
attack at 45 years of age.

When I was growing up people used to worry about finances and 
keeping the wolf away from the door. Modern families don't seem 
to worry about the wolf at the door anymore. They just feed him on 
installments. It is just not the same.The trouble with some families 
today is that they have Cadillac tastes and compact incomes. It takes
a lot of money to raise and educate children. I do think that the 
American family and the United States government are in agreement 
about one thing-neither of them can live within their budget.

I have presented family life in the negative. We laugh at the negative 
and rejoice in the positive. For most families the privilege of being 
together, the love, one for another, the joys shared and the many other
 things that act as a mortar to bond each member together, far out-
weigh the trials and tribulations. 

Having children is great as they give you grandchildren and that is 
even greater.

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