In the eyes of a young child and an old man!

Now that I have lived a good life, I am sitting back in my easy chair and reminiscing about my childhood.

What is it that I am reminiscing about? Playing in the woods and enjoying all the beautiful things that God has put on this great earth of ours. The birds, the butterflies and the bees, the flowers and the trees all part of God's creations. Then there are the mountains, and the valleys, the rivers and streams, the babbling brooks to play in. Oh! How, I wish that life was that simple.

Picture yourself being there in the woods or even a park. Enjoying the peace and quite watching the squirrels chasing each other and listening to the birds singing in the trees. Then there are the butterflies and the bees flying around the flowers doing their thing. These are the things that I enjoyed doing as a young boy. As I grew older, I was finding myself going back to these things. My life did have its difficulties. I had forgotten about the good things that my mother and grandparents taught me. Funny as you grow older how those things seem to come back to you.

As an older boy and thinking of the games that I played in those woods, there is no way that I could ever do that now. As an older boy I find myself enjoying watching God's creatures playing their games.

Many years ago, I worked the midnight shift and it would be early morning when I got home to early for bed, so I would go out into my back yard gather up some pecan nuts, set down at the picnic table and watch, the young squirrels play in the trees.

Looked like they were playing hide-go-seek with eacb other. Fascinating thing watching them play, you wouId think that they were almost human.

Later on in life, found myself picking up a camera and photographing these little creatures and some large creatures too. Just enjoyed being in the middle of the wilderness, where it is so peaceful and quiet. even found myself taking my camera getting into a small boat with friends of mind early in the morning to go Duck hunting. The weather was cool; the fog was covering the river making it a surreal place to be. Talk about "peace and quiet" now that was it.

Spring, summer, fall and winter, take your pick you can find peace and quiet in anyone of them. Spring is when God intended to start with everything new and fresh. New flowers and trees, new birds and bees, His little creatures starting their new families. The spring showers washing everything clean. Can you just picture yourself down by the river sitting in the warm sun just relaxing and enjoying his beauty. The summer takes you too the seashore just to hear the sounds of the ocean waves slapping upon the beaches. You are lying back in the lounge chair just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Fall is when God does his best work, Oh! Those colors, the bright reds, the glowing yellows all up and down the mountainsides, even in the valleys. Thank you God. The winter is another piece of God's work, the snow covered trees, the hillsides for the children to play. Oh! Too, be young again. Do you ever wonder where the phrase "Its great to be in God's country" came from?

Well! Just, stop, look, and listen, you live in "GOD's country".

"An old man told you this" Grandpa Dewey --- March 2009.

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