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Songs on this jukebox
From Porgy and Bess:
01. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' 
            Lawrence Tibbett
02. Bess, You Is my Woman 
            Lawrence Tibbett and Helen Jepson
03. It Ain't Necessarily So 
            Lawrence Tibbett
04. Summertime -- Eleanor Steber
05. My Man's Gone Now -- Helen Jepson

From various musicals:
06. My Heart belongs to Daddy 
        Leave it to me
07. The Sweetest Sounds - No Strings
08. Bill - Showboat
09. I got the sun in the morning 
        Annie get your gun
10. So in Love - Kiss me, Kate
11. I  love Louisa - Band Wagon
12. The Heather on the Hill - Brigadoon

Snow mountains

From the original Broadway Musical sound tracks!

Picture: from a Power point presentation.
Music: From A Vinyl Album that I remastered.