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01. Your Cheatin' Heart
02. I'm so lonesome I could cry
03. Take these chains fm my heart
04. I can't help it
05. Lovesick Blues
06. Cold Cold Heart
07. Hey, Good lookin'
08. Half as much
09. Jambalaya
10. Honky Tonkin'
11. Why don't you love me
12. Honky Tonk Blues
13. You win again
14. Baby were really in love
15. Kawliga
16. Mind your own business 
17. Move it on over
18. Settin' the woods on Fire
19. May you never be alone
20. Window Shopping
21. Wedding Bells
22. There'll be no teardrops tonight
23. Ramblin' Man
24. My Heart  Would Know

Sunset Cowboy

Music: Private collection -- Original Hank Williams.
Picture: From a friend on Stumble Upon.