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      Songs on this jukebox:
01. I'm the only hell
02. Slide off of your satin sheets
03. Take this job and shove it
04. She's all I got
05. Ragged old truck
06. Colorado kool aid
07. 15 Beers
08. The outlaws prayer
09. I've seen better days
10. Someone to give my love too
11. My part of forever
12. Yesterday's news just hit
13. The cocaine train
14. 11 months and 29 days
15. ME and the IRS
16. The feminine touch
17. your better move on
18.. I did the right thing
19. When i had a home to go to
20. Bar Stool Mountain
21. I can see me loving you again
22. Old Violin
23. All night lady


Music: Remastered by my .Brother Rick --- thanks Bro!
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