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      Songs on this jukebox:

1.   Last train to Clarksville
2.   I want to be free
3.   I'm a Believer
4.   Stepping Stone
5.   Mary Mary
6.   A little bit me
7.   The girl I Knew somewhere
8.   Randy Scouse Bit
9.   Pleasant Valley Sunday
10. Words
11. Day dream believer
12. Going Down
13. Valerie
14. DW Washburn
15. It's nice to be with you
16. Porpoise Song
17. Listen to the band
18. That was then
19. Heart and Soul
20. Theme from the Monkees

Train Trip

Visit the Monkees at:
Click here for their Website

Music: The Monkees -- remastered by my Brother Rick.
Listen to the Monkees then watch their I'm a believer video
by clicking on it at the top of this page.
The Picture was sent by Cousin Nevada Smith.