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1 .  Sentimental journey
2.   My dreams are getting better all the time
3.   Its magic
4.   Love somebody
5.   Tacos, enchiladas and beans
6.  Put em in a box
7.   Someone like you
8.   That old feeling
9.   Again
10. At the cafe rendezvous
11.You can have him
12. Cuttin' capers
13. The very thought of you
14. Too marvelous
15. Only have eyes for you
16. Crazy Rhythm
17. I've never been in love before
18. It's a lovely day today 
19. You're getting to be a habit with me
20. Old shanty town
21. Lullaby of Broadway
22. On moonlight bay
23. Why did I tell you I was going to Shanghai

Rider at stream

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Music: From A Vinyl Album remastered by my Brother Rick.
Some Doris Day from 1944-1966!
The Picture was sent to me in an email