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The FAITH room -- for peace and comfort!
Stories and thoughts from the Sages!
The PRAYER CORNER -- Helpful Prayers!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Victory over fear!
Office and Life Prayer!
2006 Year end prayer for our country!
Prayers for the week!
A Prayer for Today!
A prayer for Serenity!
A prayer for our Country!
Morning Prayers!
A special Blessing!
The 23rd Psalm!
An Irish Blessing!
Prayers for enough and the New Year!
The Apostle's Creed!
A prayer for New Hope!
Prayer for Healing!
Tune in to God!
Is it real or an Illusion
Psalm 100!
The Royal Telephone!
A Prayer For Discipline!
To feel the Presence of God!
Follow our scarred Captain!
LISTEN to SEVEN GREAT prayers from Paul McManus!
The Reading Corner -- HELPFUL READINGS to comfort you!
I believe!
A toast for you!
He Works through people!
The Masters hands!
Throw out things!
This little light of mine!
Shipwreck Tales!
Forgiven - Forget it!
God's Garden Video!
I'm a Soul Man!
Forrest Gump goes home!
Sage Advice!
Winter Reflections!
Why should we worry!
Mountain Moving Faith!
Coffee Anyone!
Those who wait on the Lord!
The Wisdom of the Soul!
Rules for Happiness!
A for real love story!
Acknowledge Him daily!
Be thankful!
Confidence and Security!
Best Day of My Life!
Ages of worry!
The Meaning of Death!
Up to Bat
How to Manage Stress!
Police Officer Creation!
The Room!
God's Guidelines!
Don't ever Worry!
Plow ahead!
A tribute to Mothers!
20 Thoughts to ponder!
A tribute to Fathers!
Discovering Church!
Rest Easy!
Make a Difference day -- Honoring America's volunteers!
Nov 23, 2006 -- Thanks Giving Day!
The HELP room -- Helpful Music and References!
Worriers COMMANDMENTS -- 11 through 20!
The HOPE room -- Hopeful Music and References!
The LOVE room -- A variety of Love Songs - Starting with 50's 60's and 70's!
Country music Love Songs!
Some Current Love Songs!
Gospel Music Love Songs!
Good old fashioned love songs!
The JOY room -- Joy filled songs!
Irish Jigs, Reels and Ballads of Joy!
The CRYING room -- Songs for a good cry!
The MUSIC room -- Chock full of all kinds of music!
Listen to an all Steel Drum Maine Band!
Burl Ives songs and renditions!
Herb Alpert trip to Mexico!
Take a PICTURE AND MUSICAL TRIP To Newfoundland!
A collection of the blues!
Definitely Louie ARMSTRONG -- Jazz!
Kane Sister - Irish Fiddling!
Australian Art by Gordon!
Herb Alpert trip video!
All Kinds of COUNTRY WESTERN Music!
Josh Turner!
Johnny Paycheck!
Hank Thompson!
Sons of the Pioneers!
Maine Folksongs!
Charlie Pride!
Hank Williams!
Statler Brothers!
Connie Francis!
Patsy Cline Hits!
Ronnie Milsap Hits!
Anne Murray Hits!
Original Country Giants!
Ian Tyson -- Cowboyography!
We salute you Eddy Arnold!
Ultimate country hits!
Marty Robbins -- Greatest Hits!
Bobby Bare -- Detroit City Etc!
Keith Whitley -- Sixteen Greatest Hits!
John Anderson -- Anthology album!
Jim Reeves -- Four essential albums!
  Merle Haggard three albums -- epic hits!
  Nothin like George Jones Album!
  Various Artist pay Tribute to Merle Haggard!
  I wanna hear Ray Price!
  Essentially Johnny Cash!
  The Highway men -- Willie Nelson etal!
  Janis Other!
  Janis Country!
  Janis Christmas!
  Freddie Fender Sings!
  My Best of The Oakridge Boys!
  Story Songs from Aaron Tippin, T. T. Hall and Confederate RR!
  Best Loved Kenny Rogers songs!
  Sammy Kershaw Definitive collection!
  Chet Atkins Definitive collection!
  Oakridge Boys -- Front Row Seats!
  George Jones - Too Wild to Long!
  Diamond Rio -- Greatest Hits II!
  Country Western Helping songs!!
  Country Western Hopeful songs!
  Country Western Love songs!
  Country Western Joyful songs!
  Country Western Faith songs!
  Country Western Crying songs!
  Broadway Musicals!
  Hawaiian Songs!
  Moonlight Classical!
  Contemporary songs of Faith!
  Other contemporary songs!
  Fiddler on the roof - Zero Mostel!
Great GOSPEL music selections!
  Alan Jackson sings Gospel for you!
  Elvis sings Gospel for you!
  Bluegrass from heaven!
  My favorite Gospel Songs!
  Deliver by Frank Rendo!
  Ultimate Gospel - Joy and Devotion!
  Ultimate Gospel - Heartfelt country Gospel!
  Ultimate Gospel - Worship and Peace!
  Ultimate Gospel - Country Sunday!
  Roger Williams -- Faith -- at the Crystal Cathedral!
  Randy Travis - Rise and Shine!
  Cristy lane and More - All in His name!
  Mike and Mary Robinson - On the Road!
  IIIrd Generation Bluegrass - Midnight Train!
  Susanne DeGrasse - One Solitary Life!
  Brian Littrell - Welcome Home!
  Listen to the St. Olaf Choir!
  Blessed Assurance!
  Hymns that calm the storm!
  Hymns for Faith!
  Serene and peaceful hymns!
  Great Gospel Music for Peace and Strength!
  Some of our Favorite Hymns!
  English, Irish and Contemporary Hymns!
  Quiet, Peaceful, and Thankful Hymns!
  Christian Fellowship Choir -- Bigger than Life!
  Jill Christensen -- Contemporary Gospel!
  Johnny Carl Tribute Album -- Crystal Cathedral!
  Avalon's Stand Album!
  Cristy Lane and Cousin Chrissy!
  Ronan Tynan!
  Almost Home -- The Logan's!
  Goin up the Mountain -- North Star!
Beautiful OLDIES we need to remember!
  Glenn Miller!
  Marlene Dietrich!
  Big Band music!
  Vera Lynn's greatest songs!
  Irish tunes from Bing Crosby and others!
  Guy Lombardo 50 hits in 50 years!
All Kinds of 50's 60's and 70's MUSIC!
  The Monkees!
  Simon and Garfunkel!
  The Seekers -- Best!
  Best of the BeeGees!
  John Denver - Windsong!
  Dan's Sixties!
  Three pages -- No 1 hits --- 56 to 75!
  Four pages of 1970's Music!
  More Sixties Hits!!
  1955 thru 1959 Hit songs!
  Peter, Paul and Mary Hits!!
  Top 46 Hits of the Sixties!!
  Johnny Mathis' Most Requested songs!
  Hits from 1956!
  Hits from 1957!
  Top Hits from 1958!!
  Hits from 1959!
  Fifties and Sixties Do Wop!
  Chicago's Greatest Hits!
  Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits!
  Floyd Cramer's magical piano!
  The Eagles Greatest Hits!
  Elvis 1956 and 1957!
  Jazz from Lee, Mclean, Fitzgerald and Sinatra!
  Roy Orbison -- In Dreams Album!
  50's 60's and 70's Helping songs!!
  56 to 75 No. 1 Hits!
  50's 60's and 70's Hopeful songs!
  50's 60's and 70's Love songs!
  50's 60's and 70's Joyful songs!
  50's 60's and 70's Faith songs!
  50's 60's and 70's Crying songs!
Saluting our National Heritage with PATRIOTIC SONGS!
  Country Western Patriotism -- Pride, Honor, Loyalty!
  Patriotic songs from Great Citizens!
  Battle Hymn!
  Armed Forces Day!
  We will never forget 9/11!
  Memorial Day Tribute to Fallen Heroes!
  A tribute to our Flag -- Johnny Cash!
  July 4th -- Celebration of America's Birth!
  Labor day -- Honoring America's work force!
  Make a Difference day -- Honoring America's volunteers!
  Veteran's day -- Honoring America's veterans thru music!
The MEDITATION room -- Sounds for Meditating -- NATURE'S sounds!
  A room full of VIDEOS for you!
  David Doring - Amazing Grace!
  Your Man --- Josh Turner!
  Outlaw's Prayer - Johnny Paycheck!
  I'm a believer -- The Monkees!
  Auld Lang Syne - 2013 - Sissel!
  Closer walk with Thee!
  Dance around the planet Earth!
  Sounds of silence!
  Happy Mothers Day!
  Question --- Who am I!
  The last supper!
  All God's people have a place in the choir!
  There's a place in my heart!
  When the stars begin to fall!
  Don't laugh at me!
  Drinking frm my saucer!
  Winter Peace!
  Sugar Sugar - the Archies!
  Happy New Year 2012!
  Change for a dollar!
  How great Thou art!
  Jesus vs Satan!
  The USA!
  We love the USA - Oakridge Boys!
  Stand by Me - Concord Music Group!
  Pledge of Allegiance - Red Skelton!
  Power of Wording!
  Via Dolorosa - Sandi Patty!
  Why Jesus lives!
  Our Friend - Jesus!
  What I believe!
  Jonah and the whale!
  Memorial day - Thanks Veterans!
  Randy Travis -- Angels!
  Orson Welles -- Battle Hymn!
  Autumn Leaves - Nat King cole and Roger Williams!
  Johnny Mathis - Misty!
  Alfie - Instructions!
  45 Life Lessons!
  Invisible woman!
  Snowy Christmas Night -- Elvis!
  Country Roads --- John Denver!
  Myriad of Mirror images!
  The Prayer - Dion and Bocelli!
  THE introduction!
  Unchained Flute!
  Travel Maine Rivers!
  Salute to Our Flag!
  Some gave all!
  Lord of the Dance!
  One Pair of Hands!
  What's inside!
  Take time to live!
  Merry Christmas!
  Tony Melendez - No Limits!
  Four Strong Winds -- Ian Tyson!
  The Great Physician!
  Marie Laveau - Bobby Bare!
  Awesome harmonica music!
  Take my hand dear Doctor!
  A truthfilled prayer for you!
  Hot Chocolate Wisdom!
  Casting Crowns --- Can anybody hear Her!
  Wade Scott -- Car Art!
  Abbot and Costello Loafing!
  Mercy Me -- I can only Imagine!
  Elvis - In the garden!
  Amazing Grace band - Golden Bells!
  Winter Images!
  Dance the Jitterbug!
  Anne Murray -- You Needed me!
  My Living shall not be in Vain!
  THE Easter Message!
  Dean Martin -- John Wayne!
  Vincent -- Don McLean!
  Wintley Phipps -- Amazing Grace!
  Christmas Celebration!
  Tribute to dogs!
  Seven Wonders of the World!
  Only You -- The Platters!
  Military -- Motivational posters!
  A salute to Peter Tibbett!
  Veterans Day -- Military Tribute!
  Photo Maker - Self Portrait!
  Winter -- Moments of reason!
  Louie Armstrong -- Wonderful world!
  Little Girl - 23rd Psalm!
  Come home its suppertime!
  You Raise Me Up!
  Highland Games!
  Nick Vujicic's faith!
  Puppet Shadow Show!
  Belfast Celtic Festival!
  Ma n Pa Kettle Kentucky Math!
  Conway Twitty -- I don't know a thing about love!
  Conway Twitty -- I can't believe she gives it all to me!
  Conway Twitty -- Its only make Believe!
  Amazing Christopher -- YMCA!
  Memorial day 2007 - An American Soldier!
  Mother's day 2007!
  THE Prayer!
  Good Friday -- Via Dolorosa!
  Nick Vujicic - Inspirational Sermon!
  Nick Vujicic - On life without Limbs!
  Lou Holtz - Insprational Clips!
  The face of God -- Billy Ray Cyrus!
  Salute to our Military Families - John Conlee!
  Salute to our Military Wives!
  I Believe -- Frankie Laine!
  Do Not Judge - The old man no one loves - George Jones!
  Happy New Year 2007
  Life will be beautiful in 2007!
  The Reason for the Season!
  God's Garden Video!
  A salute to Veterans!
  Trust in God!
  Remember Me -- your soldier!
  Doghouse for Men!